SEO Strategies For 2017

2013 was the year of ups & downs for the people which are related to the industry of SEO. Google introduced many updates Hummingbird algorithm, Google Pagerank Toolbar updation and much more. Many SEO professionals are induldging themselves making SEO strategies for 2014. Here I have listed some of the SEO strategies that will work in 2014. Have a look on some of them:

Guest Blogging

Recently Mat Cutts released a video saying he is against Guest blogging. But if you are promoting a good content on relevant blog, then I don’t think it would look spammy. Is it? So, promoting your original content on relevant site will surely work.

Keyword Rich Anchor Text Will Not Work Now

It was believed that  your link anchor text can help you drive your page to the top of Google. But now Google consider this as an important point to weed out potential spammers.


Image Source: Pixabay

It is getting more important that your anchor text is well diversed and natural looking. You can target specific keyword phraces, but you’ll want to use it as part of longer phraces.

Page Rank Relevancy

Going back 5-10 years what mattered most when building links to your website was how much PR a website or given page on the internet had. But now this has changed. Building links to your site from relevant sites of your industry or at the very least pages which are very least pages which are relevant to your site.

Good “On Page SEO”

On Page SEO is still the important factor in ranking your website in Google. Optimizing your website for targeted search terms after thorough keyword research, will win you the most points when it comes to the ranking in your niche.