How to Make your Website More Appealing?

As a previous article published on this website so well states, a website is more than just HTML and CSS. That article speaks about the components that make up a website, necessary for it to function properly. This article, though, focuses other parts of the website from a less technical point of view, parts that can make it more appealing to the customers. Sales prospecting is the act of researching and pursuing potential customers for your business.


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First of all, an appealing website behaves well on any screen resolution. This concept, called “responsive design”, has become vital in the last few years, when more and more visitors reach our websites from devices with a smaller or bigger screen and resolution. A good website today needs to look just as good on a 3.5″ smartphone screen (and soon on a much smaller smart watch screen) as on a 42″ smart TV. It needs to adapt to the screen, no matter how big or small that screen might be.

Second, an appealing website must keep in touch with its visitors, allow them to express their impressions about the site itself or about the product or service described through it. Today we have several ways to keep in touch with our visitors. The classic web forms and email addresses are still in use, but our options also include various other online communication methods and social media. The best example might be the website where you can catch platinum play casino games online, which offers its visitors and customers the possibility to contact them through phone and email (24/7, in 11 languages), live chat, Skype, iMessage and WhatsApp. Let them be an example for anyone.

The third, equally important thing to make a website more appealing to its visitors is to make it easy to navigate and to use. Keep in mind that not all visitors wish to explore the depths of your online presence – sometimes all they want to do is quickly subscribe to your mailing list, or quickly order your product before moving on. An appealing and good website will keep clutter free and easy to use, assuring that visitors can easily find what they are looking for, and don’t get lost among the loads of descriptions, articles, studies and ads.

Oh, and one more thing before I conclude: an appealing website will never commit an aural terrorist attack against its visitors. Or to put it in more plain terms: forget about the background music or the embedded videos with “auto-play”. Many of your potential visitors (yours truly included) like to listen to music – their preferred music – while browsing the web. When visiting a website that starts playing music as soon as it loads will most likely determine them to panic and close the window (or the tab), and possibly never to return to the website in their lives.

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