6 Reasons Why No One Comments on Your Blog

Comments = Encouragement . The more comments you have, the more inspiration you will get,Agree?

Most of the blogs are filled with too much of crappy content, there’s no wonder to get comments for that type of content.But, how awful it would be even if you provide great content with no comments ?

Okay, lets dig into some depth, why you don’t get comments. And follow few tips which will guarantee you more comments in your blog posts.

6. You don’t comment on other blogs: You don’t comment on your niche oriented blogs. How can you expect comments from others then?

First off, make a list of 25-30 blogs in your niche and comment their regularly. If possible, subscribe to their feeds to become the first commentator.


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5. You made it difficult to comment: Only 10% of your readers comment on your blog posts(according to a internet survey), if you make it difficult to comment, then how can your readers comment? Don’t use CAPTCHA’s in your blog. They will kill your comment percentage. Just get rid of them.

4. You don’t have engaging content: If your readers don’t find your content as valuable, then there is no reason to expect comments from them. Create better content which should solve their problems.

3. No Call to action(CTA): Use CTA. You don’t get if you don’t ask. If you provide them with useful stuff, they will comment in return.

2. You don’t respond: Respond to each and every comment that you get! This not only increases the interaction with your readers, but also helps you to increase the comment count!

1. You blog design & typography is worst: Your blog design is not attention grabbing.Do you know that your readers won’t read if you don’t have good design (though you have compelling content?. Yeah, it’s true!

Good blog design + Engaging content = Successful blog. Make sure that you have a good blog design with readable typography.

Tips to get more comments on every blog post is:

  • Use CTA and ask for the comments
  • Respond to every comment
  • Make them comfort
  • Use compelling titles
  • Reward them(Use comment luv plugin, put top commentator widget etc)

Over to you

Tell me only ONE reason, when do you comment on other blogs?


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