11 Excellent Tips To Get More Followers On Pinterest

Learn How to Increase you Pinterest Followers,Get more Fans. Pinterest is the latest social networking site which is getting viral in such a short span of time. It is a place where you can create and manage your own collection of photos based on your interests. You will be having some kind of a virtual board where instead of writing you will be posting images or videos that you find interesting- they can be self-taken or may be featured on some other website.

You can also visit other people’s pins who may be posting on the same topic and get inspired which leads to “repining”. Although the site is new kid in the town, it already has lot of user base who loves to visit site on daily basis and share their interests.


Image Source: Pixabay

However, joining site is not the only thing, you should have a strong base of followers so that your shares will get like and re-pinning However, it is not easy to get a huge following. That’s the reason, in this article, we have shared some of the excellent tips to get huge number of followers and make your Pinterest account interesting.

Use a natural photo for the profile picture

When you join a site like Pinterest and expect to have some decent followers, then you should know that whatever you put as your profile picture should reflect your genuine interest in the field.

2. Be in your niche

Be in your comfort zone. Check other member’s posts on the same topic. This will help you gain some recognition and some ideas. Sometimes it also matters whom you are following to gain some followers yourself.

3. Tag impressively

Tag lines appear right below your profile name. Give an interesting tag line, which will tell your profile viewers about you.

4. “Pin” well

If you pin interesting content on your board, then you will get more repins and eventually more followers. When you are browsing on the Internet, if you come across some interesting photo with some catchy line and content, then pin it. You can also pin interesting content from other websites. Even latest news and any popular read can make an attractive pin.

5. Add Facebook and Twitter

The craze of social networking has reached such heights that incorporating your account with these sites will bring the maximum traffic. Make others know that you are on Pinterest. So incorporate Facebook or any other site to your Pinterest account. An advice would be to link your Pinterest account to all the social sites like Google+, Digg, Stumble, etc.

6. Network

Try to make a network in Facebook to increase your followers. Most of the people today use Facebook’s Friend Find option to find their friends on other social sites. This will help you to gain your Facebook friends as your followers in Pinterest when they join it.

7. Be consistent

Do not annoy the followers pinning constantly at every passing minute and day or else you might lose them. Keep some gap between your pins.

8. Categorise

Add your board to the proper category. Finding wrong pins on some topic is annoying. So be careful on that or else you will be losing out many followers.

10. Divide your interest

This will attract more people because then the choice and interest is more precise. People will not flock in to see a jumbled assortment of “interesting” pins to sort out which one is of their interest. All your interests might not interest them. So be specific in each field. Also sometimes, some users follow only those who have a wide range of interests.

11. Act like a Pro

When people “follow” you, it is almost like they are your devotees for your activity. So always make interesting pins to attract more followers and use most of the features available. Rearrange your boards in the Edit profile option. Make the followers know that you indeed are the master when it comes to “pinning”

The objective is to get more and more people like your pins or repining them. If you have a website or blog, then pinning the link to the site will also help you gain more traffic.