Social Media Driving Todays Home Improvement Industry

Social media has become a powerful way in which families, friends, and acquaintances can keep in touch. Recently, businesses have begun to make their way into this world as a means of connecting with their customers, expanding their reach and visibility, and garnering more involvement and engagement.

Although the world of social media is constantly growing and evolving, many businesses are staying on top of the trend, further developing their brand in the eyes of their consumers. In particular, these social media strategies can help home improvement companies provide better service to their customers while increasing overall profitability.


Image Source: Pixabay

While there are hundreds of social media websites and apps available for computers and mobile devices, only a few appear to be particularly valuable for home improvement companies, including Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Let’s explore each of these in a bit more detail.


Pinterest is a fast-growing social media outlet, garnering millions of views per month. Pinterest users can add (or pin) pictures that link to websites containing recipes, home decor and design, clothing, and art, among many other useful and interesting subjects. Although primarily dominated by a female audience, many users have boards specifically geared toward home improvement, interior decor, and design, helping to drive users to external websites related to these niches.

Many home and design improvement companies are beginning to hop on board by creating their own Pinterest boards, each offering high-quality pictures of unique, creative designs which not only make a great impression on prospective clients, but also lead them to their companys website. Visually-stimulating images that involve lush scenery or particularly desirable locations tend to result in the most views and engagement; it pays to be exclusive!


Home improvement companies have been demonstrating significant success with Youtube as well. One popular strategy involves publishing videos describing and highlighting easy home improvement techniques. Many homeowners seek video tutorials as a means of learning how to perform a certain task in and around their home. Why? Mainly because the aspect of visual learning is so strong, compared to reading instructions or simply hearing them through audio.

Home improvement companies are beginning to see that they can gather a quick following (and drum up business in the long-run) by offering short, simple, and valuable tips, techniques, and tricks through YouTube.

Twitter & Facebook

Twitter and Facebook are popular social media channels for not only home improvement companies, but almost all other companies engaging in social media marketing. Companies are gathering followers in new and interesting ways, which help to promote customer engagement, loyalty, and conversion. Businesses on Twitter and Facebook also have easy ways to offer giveaways or product specials, helping to gain more views, followers, and leads.


Social media marketing is to be here to stay; it’s slowly replacing older marketing methods. Online marketing is essential in today’s highly competitive marketplace across nearly all industries, but there appears to be a huge opportunity for businesses in the home improvement industry currently. Thanks to social media, home improvement companies are developing more brand awareness, reach, loyalty, authority, and engagement.