The Best Cloud Storage Offers In The Market

The concept of cloud computing has revolutionized operations in the ICT world, and cloud storage is now a must-have for any aspiring or successful online enterprise. Having your data stored online is both efficient and effective compared to local disk storage. Accessibility to such data is not limited geographically, the costs are affordable. Here are the top cloud storage offers in the current market. Once you determine that the person you”re dealing with is legit, you can sell Ethereum for cash in a matter of minutes.

Amazon EC2

The Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) offers you a virtual computers which you use to store data or run virtual applications called ‘instances’. It is elastic in the sense that you only pay for the time when your server is active. There is a free usage tier which offers 750 hours of running Microsoft or Linux, 30GB of Elastic Block Storage(EBS) and 1GB of regional data transfer. For on-demand instances, the costs range from $0.02 for micro instances. Standard instances cost between $0.08 to $0.092. For high CPU and memory instances you can pay from $0.45 to $ 2.28/hour. Monthly charges depend on instances, with the smallest beginning at $14.40 up to $21.60 per month. A 3-year reserved plan can be acquired for $6.43 per month, and inbound connection are free but outbound transfers cost $0.12 for 1GB of data.


Image Source: Pixabay

Google Drive

This is an extension of Google Docs which now offers online file storage and sync services. There are several Google drive apps available in the market and the all run on Google Chrome. Clients for synchronizing files are available on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Chrome OS. When you sign up you get 5GB free storage, which you can upgrade to 100GB for $4.99 per month.


Dropbox employs the ‘freemium’ business model to offer cloud storage services to individuals and companies. They also have client software applications for Linux, Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Blackberry, Android and major web browsers. There services are trusted by technologists and bloggers. They offer free 2GB storage and they charge $19.99 per month for 100GB.

Microsoft SkyDrive

Formerly Windows Live SkyDrive, this file hosting service allows you to upload your data, sync it with local folders and access it from a local device or web browser. SkyDrive is built on HTML5 and you can upload by drag-and-drop up to 300MB of data. New sign-ups receive 7GB of free storage and additional capacity of 100GB can be acquired for $4.16 per month.


Its previously known as Sharpcast, and now its among the best cloud service. It offer online backup, active file syncs and sharing of data across a wide range of devices. SugarSync is available on Windows, Mac OS X and all smartphone platforms including Symbian. A free account is available with a limit of 5GB. You can have a 30 days trial for the paid plans before you choose from there list of options. 30GB costs $4.99/month while 30GB goes for $9.99/month. Large storage begins from 100Gb for $14.99/month, 250GB for $24.99/month and 500GB at $39.99/month.


This is Apple’s version of cloud computing and storage service. It was built to replace MobileMe and it has capabilities of syncing email, bookmarks, calenders, contacts, notes etc. When you sign up, 5GB storage capacity is available for free but you can get extra 10GB for $20/year, 20GB for $40/year and 50GB for $100 for a whole year.